YouTube Spending $100 Million To Compete Directly With Broadcast TV

YouTube Spending $100 Million To Compete Directly With Broadcast TV

Over the past few years I’ve been noticing a trend. More and more of my friends are moving away from their cable box and satellite providers, and towards alternatives to fit with their busy lifestyles. With the successful launch of Hulu and Netflix, people are doing away with physical discs and broadcast television and into the brave new frontier of internet streaming. Now, YouTube wants in.

Rumor has it, YouTube has caught wind and they’re spending $100 million dollars to launch 20 channels on the site that will stream content 24/7. These channels will be built around specific content like sports, arts and entertainment. Their goal: watch YouTube the same way you watch your cable television. An always on, always streaming approach. Wall Street Journal reports that programming could start appearing as early as this year with YouTube in talks with major Hollywood agencies to attract new talent and content creators.

I think this would be a great idea for up and coming talent to “make it big” and get their faces and content out to more people. I always had this idea of a YouTube channel on cable television and it looks as if Google might have been one step ahead of me.

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