YouTube paid channel subscriptions launch

YouTube releases paid channels

We have been hearing about YouTube paid channels for a while and they are finally here. Some of us may love it and some of us may hate it, but everyone praises YouTube for replacing traditional TV and that is what is happening now. Google has just announced and released YouTube’s paid channels.


They work just like any other channel you subscribe to, except you have to accept the terms and payment when signing up. All channel subscriptions come with a 14-day trial period. Your credit card gets charged after the trial period ends, so you can go ahead and cancel the subscription any time before then at no cost. YouTube is starting with a small list of content providers, but the list should grow after some time.

Google TV users are definitely among the most interested customers, as the platform focuses on media consumption. I ran across some issues while testing the service, though. My new paid channels would appear in my ASUS CUBE’s YouTube app, but for some reason the “video format is not supported.”

We are hoping Google will work on this issue soon, because it should make for a rather rocky service launch. If you guys have a chance to test YouTube’s new paid channels come back and give us some feedback! Is it just my device that has issues? Are YouTube’s paid channel videos working for you?