YouTube for Google TV now supports subscription channels

YouTube for Google TV updated with new interface and paid subscriptions support


When YouTube announced its new paid subscriptions we were rather upset to find out Google TV didn’t support them. Google TV is meant to be the main center of entertainment and media consumption, yet Google’s own video streaming service wasn’t working. Google was quick to fix this, though, and today we are getting a very welcomed update!

Not only does the update fix the paid subscriptions compatibility issue, but it also offers a few extra bells and whistles. The UI was improved with a better-looking appearance, with larger video previews and better sharing capabilities, among a few other additions.

YouTube update improvements

  • New home screen interface.
  • Enhanced video playback controls.
  • Support for paid subscriptions.

You can get the update straight from the Google Play Store! The new YouTube looks really nice, and now you can enjoy your paid YouTube videos in the big screen! Will you be paying for YouTube content, or do you prefer to use other services for subscription-based streaming?

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