Will LG’s new Google TV sets come with NFC and Miracast?

Will LG’s new Google TV sets come with NFC and Miracast?

By now we know LG is way too eager to keep their new TVs under a veil. They have recently announced their 2013 Google TV sets and now they are taking the covers off their other Smart TVs (not Google TV). These come with some rather interesting features, making us wonder if some of these will also come with their Google-powered sets.

LG’s new TVs will come in LED and Plasma configurations, featuring a much more svelte profile and almost inexistent bezels. But what calls our attention is the fact these will come with Miracast and NFC features, something that wasn’t mentioned to come with the Korean company’s Google TVs.

In fact, it would make sense to add these features to their Google TVs. NFC and Miracast in the same sentence just screams “Android” (latest Android software supports it). Much information about LG’s new Google TV sets is still under covers, but we sure hope we can see these features in the spec list, at CES.

The NFC part is not that complicated. It is simply an NFC sticker that will help in connecting smartphones to the TVs, making them work together seamlessly. And Miracast is simply a technology that allows devices to communicate and interact. One could use it for wireless screen mirroring, for example, a feature we have all been begging for.

Lg also mentions that these non-Google TV devices will come with 120% processors and 300% better GPUs. We don’t know if their Google TV sets will come with these, but we can bet the processing power will come with a stronger punch. Or maybe we will be disappointed. At this point it’s anyone’s guess, so let’s wait and see! We will be at CES covering it all, so make sure you stay tuned to GTVSource.com!

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  • Jimmy Mackey

    Smaller bezels are really a stylish part of any TV set but usually that makes the cost of the TV higher. I would be interested to see the price come down on this feature before I get so excited about it. Google TV being added to the LG TVs may be what people are looking for now that Apple TV isn’t coming out anytime soon. I wanted apps for my TV but rather than buying a new TV, I just got a DISH Hopper HD Whole-Home HD DVR since it has apps like Pandora and Facebook. They are the apps I use most often so it is more practical and convenient when I’m talking to my DISH coworker about TV shows or I’m sharing a new song I heard on Pandora.