Will HBO Go come back to Google TV?

HBO Go taken off Google TV site, does this mean the issue is permanent?


It has been almost a month after HBO Go stopped working on Google TV. The Chrome browser on our TVs no longer supports the newer flash version used on Google TV, leaving many True Blood fans without their favorite vampire show. We are all hoping to see a fix soon, but it seems like that may still take some time.

Google has removed HBO Go from the featured apps in its Google TV website. This could simply mean that Google does not want to “lie” to customers and will put HBO Go back up once/if the issue is fixed. I simply don’t believe they would go through the trouble of removing it if they knew HBO Go would be compatible for Google TV soon, though.

If we were to bet on it, I would say we will have to wait quite a while before Google TV owners can enjoy HBO Go again. That is, if it happens to come back. Let’s hope for the best! How many of you are missing HBO Go on your Google TV?

Thanks for the tip, Jason.

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