Will Chromecast kill or save Google TV?

Will Chromecast kill or save Google TV?

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The Chromecast is a very nice little device: it offers awesome streaming functionality and costs only $35. For Google TV users it was seen as both awesome and scary. Awesome because it’s a great deal, but scary because it would probably be Google TV’s largest competitor. That was until we found out Cast would be coming to Google TV… now we are just confused.

We can’t figure out if Google TV will be saved or killed by the Chromecast.

How can Chromecast save Google TV?

Google TV will be getting Cast, so basically any app that gets supported by Chromecast will indirectly come to Google TV. Chromecast’s price and features made it very popular, enticing all the big developers to jump on board. The latest to get in line is Hulu, who mentions they are “actively working” on supporting Chromecast. We also have HBO and many others coming.


Google TV lost support from HBO Go recently, without any news on whether it would come back or not. This was obviously a big deal for Google TV users, but now we know it’s (indirectly) coming back via Cast. We have also been begging for Hulu and screen mirroring. Google TV users are getting it via Cast, as well.

How can Chromecast kill Google TV?

In a way, the Chromecast is giving us all the apps and features we always wanted on Google TV, but not thanks to Google’s smart TV platform. The dongle hasn’t been out a week and it is already getting the support and response Google TV couldn’t get in years.

Of course, it’s easier to add some lines of code to support Cast than it is to write a whole Google TV app. Not to mention, Chromecast is already insanely popular and is very much worth developers’ time.

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We are glad to be getting Cast and all of its benefits, but we can’t help but feel like it is still competing against Google TV. We know Google TV is much more powerful, but the Chromecast seems to be changing the game here. Will developers not want to make Google TV apps because it’s easier (and better) to just support Cast? Sounds like that could become the case.

Google TV could later become a “glorified” version of the Chromecast. With everything the Chromecast has to offer, but with live TV features and a higher price tag.

Wrap Up

We can’t predict what will happen and the results highly depend on Google’s move. Regardless, the Chromecast leaves Google TV at risk. But it kinda pulls it out of its hole, as well. Yeah, it’s confusing.

Let’s just hope Google TV doesn’t get obliterated by the Chromespot. It is much more affordable, has an easier set-up and is already getting insane amounts of support. What do you think will result out of this love/hate relationship between Chromecast and Google TV?

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