When will Hulu Plus finally come to Google TV?

When will Hulu Plus finally come to Google TV?

Google TV continues to struggle as we strive to have more content and services make the jump to the platform. It is understandable that developers have a certain amount of doubt, but the wait becomes much more frustrating when a streaming service is available everywhere else except Google TV. Such is the case for Hulu Plus, which has a rather high demand among Google TV users.

The popular Movie and TV Show streaming service is available for computers, all major video game consoles, streaming players, smartphones, tablets and even other Smart TV platforms. So when exactly will we be graced with one of our favorite streaming services? This is what Hulu has to say:

Hi everyone, I’m sorry for the inconvenience this has been causing you. Although we don’t support Google TV at the moment, but we’d love to add Hulu Plus to it in the future. Lots of folks ask us about it, so we definitely know there’s a demand. Before we can support Google TV, however, we need to obtain a specific set of streaming rights for our content. In addition, we also need agreements in place with our content providers, hardware manufacturers, and Google itself. While there’s no official news, if or when Google TV support is announced, you’ll see it at ( www.hulu.com/plus/devices ). If there’s anything else I can address for you, please let me know.

In a way, Hulu is catering to Plus subscribers via every other channel. Sure, there are workarounds; plugging in a smartphone/tablet to a TV would be the easiest one. But that is aside from the point. Not to mention it would cost users a certain amount of cash to be able to accommodate to this inconvenience. Google TV users would be more than glad to be able to watch their shows straight from their Google-powered living room screen.

There is a certain chance this may not be either Hulu’s or Google’s fault, though. As mentioned in the quote, TV providers and manufacturers must grant approval. Until it all gets figured out, we will simply have to use other platforms and/or cables to be able to comfortably watch our shows. Or… you know, simply use another streaming service.

[Source: Hulu Via: GTVHub]

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