What Google TVs are compatible with Redbox Instant?

What Google TVs are compatible with Redbox Instant?


With Redbox Instant available for Google TV, Netflix and Amazon Video finally have a worthy contender. Redbox Instant offers a better selection than most other streaming services for Google TV and it also piggybacks on the countless amounts of Redbox kiosks in the country. There is no doubt these will be the Google TV top 3 streaming services (at least until Hulu+ comes into play).

Not all Google TV devices can take advantage of Redbox Instant just yet, though, which could make a huge difference. Redbox and Verizon need to act soon if they plan to hook a good percentage of the Google TV community. As we mentioned in the Redbox Instant announcement post, the app doesn’t work with all Google TV devices.

Google TVs compatible with Redbox Instant app

  • LG 47G2 Google TV
  • LG 55G2 Google TV
  • NETGEAR NeoTV Prime with Google TV
  • Sony Internet Player NSZ-GS7
  • Vizio Co-Star

We are sure more devices will be added to the list. We have also seen reports of successfully side-loaded installs, so you might want to try and install it manually. Read our tutorial to learn more about side loading apps to Google TV.

What do you guys say? Will Redbox Instant take Netflix’s and/or Amazon’s spot on your Google TV?

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    What about the Vudu and Blockbuster apps? Arent they both on Google TV?