WD could be the next Google TV manufacturer

WD could be the next Google TV manufacturer

We don’t often think about Western Digital when talking about possible upcoming Google TV manufacturers, but the company might be surprising us with yet another great Google TV option soon. WD has posted a job listing looking for a software architect to handle the production of some new Google TV and “Android TV” devices.

“Lead SW architecture design and deployment for android based IP set top boxes. Work with internal and external teams to architect, design, develop, and deploy IP set top boxes based on the Android operating system. This would include Android TV and Google TV solutions.”

We have no idea what they mean by “Android TV”. Maybe they are planning to also release some of those non-Google TV, Android-based set-top boxes. Regardless, Google TV is also mentioned, and the platform does run Android, after all. Maybe they just got a bit too crazy with the wording.

We still have no idea what these products will be like, or when they could be announced/released. We won’t be surprised to see them showing up soon, though!

[Source: Western Digital Via: gigaom]