Watch the Google IO 2013 keynote here!

Watch the Google IO 2013 keynote here!

Want to see the latest and greatest from Google IO as it happens? Google will be streaming the event live online for those who can’t be with them in San Francisco. We have embedded the video for you right above for your viewing pleasure.

The keynote starts at 9:00 AM Pacific, so get your popcorn ready and come join us! We are supposed to see a Google TV-related announcement, so you know we will be getting some love. Don’t forget to also read about what we can expect to be announced.

Don’t worry if you can’t make it, though. Not only will we be covering all the news for you, but we will also be in San Francisco getting you all the hands-on videos! See you guys tomorrow – it will be an awesome day.

What Google TV news do you think we will see tomorrow?

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