VIZIO Co-Star updated to version U3.5.0

VIZIO Co-Star updated to version U3.5.0

You may want to boot up your VIZIO Co-Star and check for updates if you haven’t yet! VIZIO has just released update version U3.5.0 for the Co-Star, and though it doesn’t come with a huge change log, it certainly brings very nice improvements.

The update addresses performance and maintenance; which usually doesn’t mean much, but this time there is a noticeable improvement in speed and fluidity. One of the main complaints about the Co-Star is that there is slight lag when navigating the apps and settings (read our first impressions) and we can say this issue has been greatly improved.

The menus open faster, moving around is faster, and even the animations when clicking an icon are faster. You can really feel the difference this time, so go ahead and get your update! If you haven’t been prompted, just go to Settings>System Settings>System Update and the unit will take care of the rest.

VIZIO also mentions that now there is a more extensive list of input and output devices, but most of us won’t be able to tell the difference there. Enjoy!