VIZIO Co-Star in stock – get it while you can!

VIZIO Co-Star in stock – get it while you can!

It has been over 3 months since the VIZIO Co-Star first went up for pre-order. Since then, the affordable Google TV box has been struggling to stay in stock. The $100 price tag is simply too enticing for any tech enthusiast to pass up. The device continued to be out of stock until a couple of days ago, but after giving the official site a quick look this morning we discovered it is now available for purchase again!

The VIZIO Co-Star brings everything Google TV has to offer in a small and affordable package. This includes access to all Google TV apps and content, as well as OnLive cloud gaming compatibility (which the Sony box lacks). We have to say it has been the best deal we have seen since the Logitech Revue’s price drop to $100, and this happens to be a much more capable unit.

It comes with a dual-core processor that will keeps things speedy. There is also the $100 Hisense Pulse, but the VIZIO Co-Star is a much better option in terms of build quality, specs and updates. If you have been waiting to get your hands on one of these, your best bet would be to go to VIZIO’s official site and put your name on one of them right now! We already have, so stay tuned for more coverage if you haven’t made up your mind yet!

[Source: VIZIO]