VIZIO Co-Star Google TV Version 3 update preview [VIDEO]

VIZIO Co-Star Google TV Version 3 update preview [VIDEO]

We finally got the Google TV version 3 update on our VIZIO Co-Star! It has been rolling out since last week and we know many of you are still checking every day (or every few hours… or minutes), so we wanted to give you a quick look at what you will be getting.

This update upgrades the device to build number V4.6.0 (from U3.5.0) and brings in quite a few improvements. First, we have the new Quick Guide and Voice Search. Of course, we can’t really use Voice Search just yet because the VIZIO Co-Star doesn’t have a microphone. Google is expected to update the smartphone Google TV remote apps to enable this feature at some point, but whe don’t know when yet.

Quick Guide makes it very convenient to look for shows and movies, then quickly switch between them. Not having to access the full page version of the app makes it much more intuitive. One no longer needs to interrupt whatever is playing to look what else is available for watching. It really makes a huge difference in the experience.

Three apps are also included in the update, of which only one will most of you care about. Yes, I am talking about Amazon Instant Video. Not just the crappy web-based shortcut we used to have either. This is a native Google TV application… and it makes watching Amazon videos like a hundred times better (no joke). The other apps are M-GO and VUDU, in case you want to check them out, as well.

I am really enjoying the update so far. Quick Guide is making my experience much more enjoyable and seamless. At the same time, I am now considering finally signing up for Amazon Prime. The Amazon Instant Video app is very well made and hasn’t given me a single problem. It really seems like night and day compared to the prior Amazon Instant Video web app.

If you haven’t yet, you should be getting your update soon, so check out the video and let us know what you are looking forward to the most! For those who already got it – does it live up to your expectations? Have you found any problems yet?