ViMu brings AirPlay to the ASUS CUBE with Google TV

You can thank ViMu Player for ASUS CUBE’s Airplay features


If there is one reason why Google TV fans would ever consider switching to Apple TV it’s Apple’s AirPlay. Yesterday, we uncovered that the ASUS CUBE with Google TV is able to take advantage of AirPlay out-of-the-box, something we had never seen before in a Google TV device. Of course, we were curious to learn more… and now we have more details for you.

After a bit of digging around we found out that the ASUS CUBE’s media management and code is based off ViMu Player (formerly known as GTVBox). This software allows for a limited amount of AirPlay functionality. We know this still can’t replace that Apple TV, as we found AirPlay on the ASUS CUBE to be a bit lacking. This doesn’t mean things will not get better, though.

GTVBox confirmed that the reason why the CUBE can’t stream images is because of a bug. After asking the developer if there would be a fix coming, he assured us he does not know. He does have a fix for the issue, but the ASUS CUBE and ViMu Player are so merged the fix would have to come from a firmware update.

In short, it’s up to ASUS! For now, we are limited to video, but let’s hope ASUS is willing to improve AirPlay by giving us a fix for this issue. After all, it is one of the most unique features the ASUS CUBE with Google TV has to offer.