Using Airplay with Google TV (ASUS CUBE)

ASUS CUBE comes with AirPlay out of the box! [VIDEO]


One of the main reasons why a Google TV fan would ever think of getting an Apple TV is its AirPlay features. Apple has done a great job at making a solid network sharing and streaming service for Apple devices, but what if I told you the ASUS CUBE is AirPlay-ready out of the box?

ipad-airplay-asus-cube-thumbThis is exactly the case, and it’s a discovery I made while using my iPad Mini last night. I was watching YouTube videos and noticed the AirPlay button displayed the ASUS CUBE as an option (the iPad actually recognizes it as the Qube). I gave it a go and to my surprise it started playing on my TV with no problem at all.

It didn’t take long for me to jump out of my bed and start testing AirPlay with other media. I found out it only works with video, so this is a no-go if you want to stream your music or images to your Google TV (you will have to use one of the other options for that). After failing at streaming pictures and images I decided to test AirPlay with more videos, which proved to be more successful.

Online videos work like a charm, except for Vimeo content. Every other video source worked, but Vimeo content was somehow not compatible. In the video below, you can see video streaming being tested with a CNN video and it works great. Another big issue I found is that videos recorded to the iPad don’t stream very well either.

Streamed local video is choppy and keeps freezing. I am not sure exactly what the problem is, though. I can’t blame it on my network (even though that could be the issue) because online videos stream perfectly. Furthermore, my Macbook wasn’t able to recognize the ASUS CUBE as an AirPlay device. This might be limited to mobile devices, but we have decided to go on a quest for more information.

We know you have many questions, so we have reached out to ASUS to try and get a statement on this topic. If you have an ASUS CUBE please go ahead and tell us your experiences! Also, have you ever seen another Google TV device come with AirPlay functionality out of the box? We know apps like Airtight allow for DLNA streaming via AirPlay, but I had nothing of the sort installed to my Google TV.

  • bluevoodo

    I use double twist and an Apple TV on an Htc One to stream music and videos, its very hit or miss, sometimes everything plays great other times it makes you want to rip your hair out. I dont know what it is because of course everything plays fine when streaming from a mac, but maybe this is sign Apple is going to license out airplay which can be a good thing.

  • Doug Wing

    Can’t wait to see how this pans out. I’ll ditch my Co-Star for this if I can also ditch my Apple TV for watching the movies and videos I have in iTunes on my iMac. I’d much rather have one single device.

  • Skater_Ricky

    I’m attempting to get this to work. I have owned the Asus Cube since day 1 and own a iPad 2 and haven’t seen this feature before. I have been plugged in using Ethernet on the Asus Cube. Maybe he was running the preinstalled OS when attempting this. I’m running the latest update to the Asus Cube and yet don’t see this feature as of 07/12/2013. I will try this feature via WiFi with the Asus Cube. Those trying this for the first time I recommended restarting all devices including your Modem and Router. I noticed sometimes AirPlay doesn’t work all the time and have to restart my network.