US Justice Department looking into evil cable company tactics

US Justice Department looking into Intel vs. TWC content wars

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The war between cable television companies and upcoming IPTV providers continues to rage. It is said Time Warner Cable has been offering incentives and threatening content providers to keep them off the internet. Meanwhile, Intel is said to be offering up to 75% more than cable companies to bring TV live streaming to life. We knew it was only a matter of time before the government got involved.

The accusations against Time Warner Cable and other cable companies are rather serious. If the rumors are true, TWC is not exactly paying for exclusivity like many others do. Time Warner Cable is accused of selectively telling content providers who they can and can’t do business with. Wouldn’t this be considered anti-competitive tactics?

dojAccording to the NY Times, this may be the case and the US Justice Department is looking into it. It is simply unfair for major cable companies to target internet TV streaming as a whole, instead of competing with everyone equally.

We can see why cable companies wouldn’t like Intel’s upcoming internet TV services. Users could leave them for competitors, using their very own internet services to access other cable TV options. In essence, they would be trying to keep old technology alive in order to keep their business running.

As Google TV users, we understand the importance of online live TV. Especially all our chord-cutting friends out there. Could it be that these powerful companies are stopping innovation in order to keep their bank accounts healthy? That is not how technology works. Instead of blocking others, innovate along with them and offer a service we will prefer.

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