Time Warner Cable to buy Hulu stake

Time Warner Cable said to buy Hulu stake


Hulu decided to keep the company after long talks and discussions of selling it. The news was good to Google TV users, as it was mostly cable and satellite TV providers who were interested (we all know how these companies feel about smart TVs and streaming). The deal didn’t go through, but it seems like TWC may still be getting some action.

Anonymous sources state that Hulu is still in talks with TWC to sell the company part of the Hulu stake. This would make TWC the fourth owner of the company, joining Walt Disney Co., Comcast Corp. and 21st Century Fox Inc.

No other details are known, but it seems interesting to think that TWC would want part of this after fighting to keep content offline. Could it be that they plan to monopolize streaming and benefit from it? Online content is moving forward and there is no stopping it, maybe the cable companies have realized this and have their own plans.

Meanwhile, all Google TV owners want is to get the Hulu Plus app on Google TV. Do you think TWC becoming an owner of the company help this cause?

[Via Bloomberg]

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