Time Warner Cable app coming to Apple TV and Xbox 360

Time Warner Cable streaming coming to Apple TV and Xbox 360


This deal is getting a bit weird, but at the same time it kind of makes sense. It seems Time Warner Cable is in talks with both Apple and Microsoft to bring it’s TWC streaming app to Apple TV and the Xbox 360.

Why is it weird? Because Time Warner Cable is being accused of giving incentives to content providers to keep their video away from being streamed online. Some of these incentives may sometimes come as threats, as it is rumored TWC may go as far as dropping programming if the content maker decides to go online.


Now, how does it make sense? Time Warner Cable may be trying to monopolize video streaming as much as possible. Their app is already available for Android, iOS and Roku. It seems like they are not going to be slowing down on bringing the app to other platforms.

If content providers went with streaming services, customers would be much less likely to keep paying for TWC’s cable services or use their apps. If content providers stay with cable companies, though, TWC can cater to customers both online and offline. Keeping them fairly content about their video content.

Seems like unfair business, but the Department of Justice is looking into it. At the very least, let’s hope the TWC app comes to Google TV eventually.

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