There will be no Nexus Q at Google IO 2013

There will be no Nexus Q at Google IO 2013


Recent rumors of a set-top box coming during Google IO had Google TV fans very excited last week. The idea of some sort of Nexus Google TV sounds amazing, and this could also mean the return of the Nexus Q. New rumors now state that this is not the case, though.

The $300 Nexus Q was axed soon after its Google IO 2012 announcement. It simply lacked the features it needed to be successful and came with a rather high price point. The project was canceled indefinitely and many of us believed the best idea would be to add Google TV to the sphere.

AllThingsD’s sources claim the Nexus Q is not making its glorious comeback, though. At least not at this year’s IO. Will we see a Google TV set-top box? Probably, but if this source is right it won’t be the Nexus Q.

Well, at least we got that out of the way. St least we know there is something being announced. What do you think it is? Google IO takes off this Wednesday, so stay tuned as we head to SF to get you all the details!

[via All Things D]