TCL announces MoVo UD Google TV with 4K definition

TCL announces MoVo UD Google TV with 4K definition


TCL has announced its newest HDTV that is first of its kind. The TCL MoVo UD set will be the very first to offer 4K by 2K definition along with Google TV integration. It also is the first Google TV device set to receive Android 4.2.2, which was announced yesterday at Google IO.

The unit is very similar to LG’s Google TVs. In fact, the software looks and feels a bit like LG’s too. But TCL has created its UI and given the Google TV device its own customizations. Of course, you will also get all of the latest features from Google TV, though. This includes the Quick Guide, Voice Search, the new Chrome and more.

We saw TCL’s Google TV offering at CES, but the strategy was quite different. They had a separate set-top box running Google TV on a 4K screen. Putting Google TV in the 4K by 2K TV definitely sets it apart from the competition, though. We already have a good selection of set-top Google TVs. But 4K definition? That’s a whole other deal.

There is no mention on price, but the unit is said to be available “later this year”. We have the feeling it won’t be cheap, though. 4K TVs cost a pretty penny, even if they come from companies like TCL, which is not best known for quality. But what do you guys think – what price would entice you to purchase this TV?

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    At last UD on Jelly Bean 4.2.2, soon 4.3, already were close on tablet with Samsungs Nexus 10 (2.6k,) Sammy’s 3.2k 13″ screen, screen resolution doubles every 18 months, for the same price. UD mobile chips are in mass manufacturing now, LPDDR3 RAM is pouring into mobile devices, my Nexus 7 has 32GB flash, 64GB USB sticks cost $40, 32 GB micro SD cards cost $20, my 120GB SSD cost $100. PS 4, a mere games machine, has 8GB GDDR5 RAM (5GHz equivalent,) 8 cores and AMD 8 series graphics, allowing it to get through 2 trillion floating point calculations per second. A trill for a triple 8, there’s another triple 8, in the 8 core CPU, when compared to the original Pentium MMX, 8 times the transistors per core, at 8 times the speed, 8 cores, that’s 8*8*8=512. Nexus 7/2 possibly coming in July ought to have 1080p at $200, also possibly UD graphics capabilities in the background eg. Tegra 4, Snapdragon 800, likely a 64GB flash offering. I already have a 25″ 3D monitor, that cost me $270, 6 months ago, with a 3D Blue Ray player for $100, my 8 core PC, has 32GB 1.6 GHz DDR3 RAM and a $92 2TB HDD, a $50 Google TV JB 4.1.2, HDMI dongle is on its way from China. The backgrounds are building all over the place, my household electrical wiring can transmit 300 MB/s, within 18 months I’m likely to get fiber optic cable to my house, and other people will be getting fiber to the node, such as hybrid fiber coax. WiFi ac can transmit 1GB/s, good thing we have power point networks, as it’s so high frequency it can only transmit to one room. By 2018 we will see something like 4 billion 6″ 3D UD devices, given that there are already a billion smartphones and we’re likely to see another billion sold this year alone, in a little more than a month Samsungs Galaxy S4 has sold 10 million. Just a few technobable figures to amuse.