Stunning Deals: Get your LG Google TV from Amazon with a 0-0 discount!

Stunning Deals: Get your LG Google TV from Amazon with a $700-$800 discount!

LG’s entrance to the Google TV market was a very anticipated one, but all excitement faded out after those hefty price tags were announced. LG’s offerings included a 47-inch TV for $1700 and a 55-inch one for $2300. Not the greatest deal of the year, but the high-end 3D TV also offered an LED panel with a 120 Hz refresh rate. We are sure “Life’s not so Good” when it comes to those HDTV sales, but it might all be turning around with this deal.

The LG G2 series have received a very generous discount, saving you $700-$800 if you purchase your TV from Amazon. This brings the prices down to $999.99 for the 47-inch version and $1499 for the 55-inch flat screen. A rather sweet deal, if you ask us!

Buy the 47-inch LG G2 Google TV
Buy the 55-inch LG G2 Google TV

Those that have been on the edge about purchasing this TV should jump on this deal now – we honestly can’t see these TVs getting cheaper any time soon. The VIZIO Co-Star and Sony Google TV box may be great offerings, but there is nothing like having Google TV built straight into a TV. The experience is much more seamless and you don’t need to turn on secondary devices, use multiple remotes or clutter your TV station with more devices.

Not to mention that this TV is one hell of a device. A 3D TV (you also get 6 pairs of 3D glasses) with 120 Hz refresh rate, a 1080p LED display and 6000000:1 contrast ratio? Not shabby at all. Oh, and this one is OnLive compatible, so you will not be bored; whether you play by yourself or hook up 4 controllers to play with your friends.

Go get them!

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