Staples offering discount on Netgear NeoTV

HOT DEAL: Netgear NeoTV Google TV for $85


Need to buy a new Google TV but don’t want to spend much money on it? Staples is selling the Netgear NeoTV with Google TV for only $85 (free shipping).

Though the device was originally priced at $130, it is now available for about $100. You can get it from Staples with a $15 discount by using a coupon code, though. Simply use the code “25762” during checkout and you will be set to go. The offer does end May 15th, though, so make sure to act fast if you want a NeoTV.

There is trick, though. The coupon seems to apply only for purchases of $100 and above, and the device costs $99.99. You will have to purchase something worth at least a penny to take advantage of this coupon code, which probably works with other purchases as well. This is the only Google TV Staples currently offers, though.

Hit up the Staples website and let us know how the process went!

[STAPLES via Gadgetar]

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