Sony NSZ-GS8 Google TV update beings VUDU and other features

Sony NSZ-GS7 Google TV update brings VUDU and more


Google TV updates don’t come very often, but when they do they tend to be significant. The latest update to the NSZ-GS7 Google TV is not the exception and many of you will be happy to get the new firmware version REL08_NSZGS7_U2_2106_131390_20130406_URSC_S67254 (*catches breath*). It comes with 3 main improvements, but we know most of you will be much more excited over a particular one.

Sony NSZ-GS7 Included Features

  • VUDU app has been added
  • DLNA feature now supported
  • 3D video playback supported


It is nice to see VUDU (as well as the other features) being included in the latest update to Sony’s Google TV. There is obviously a demand for the movie and TV show streaming app, as users have been resorting to sideloading the app until now. With the latest OTA update you can get rid of the sideloaded app and keep the official one.

If you still haven’t updated your software, it is very simple to do so. Go to Settings > About > System Updates > Check Now. From there you can just follow the Google TV’s instructions and let it work its magic.

Enjoy, guys! Have you been waiting to get VUDU on your Sony NSZ-GS7, or are you indifferent about it?

Thanks, Chris!


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