Sony NSZ-GS7 Google TV box receives its GTV V3 update!

Sony NSZ-GS7 Google TV box receives its GTV V3 update!


If you haven’t yet, it is about time you turn on your Sony NSZ-GS7 Google TV and check for updates. We knew the GTV V3 update was coming soon after the voice-enabled remote became available yesterday, and Sony Google TV users have a great reason to celebrate today. Reports of the update hitting Sony Google TV devices are spreading all across the internet.

The update comes with all of Google TV version 3′s features and improvements. Aside from getting a series of bug fixes and performance improvements, Sony NSZ-GS7 users can now enjoy Voice Search (with the new remote), PrimeTime Quick Guide and Amazon Instant Video.

As it usually goes with these updates, Sony doesn’t have an official statement yet. So please hit the comments and let us know if you have gotten your update yet! Is there something else to look forward to?


  • David Vega

    Not on my end yet.

  • Elshupacabra

    Is there any hope for the NSX to get the voice update?

  • Chris Garcia

    Still not for me. Sony did announce this update back on 2/22. 3 weeks later and most of us do not have it still.

    • Chris Garcia

      Got the update this morning !

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  • Chris Garcia

    There is nothing new with HBOGo. Still the same dumb web app and not a native Google TV app.

  • M. Puente

    Just got mine this morning. Nothing too different. Excuse my ignorance but didn’t I already have Amazon Instant Video? Does anyone one know of any other changes?

  • Luis Sanjuan

    What about the NSX-46GT1!?? Where is the Google TV version 3 update?

  • David Vega

    Came home and got the update. Now i wait for the remote to come my way.

  • Jeff Schallenberg

    Got the update here in Canada. AFAIK, this is NOT GTV V3, It`s Google TV version 3.2, REL07. The Vizio Co-Star, on the other hand is up to Google TV version 4.6!
    So, there is confusion, created by Google, it seems.

  • Zac Hart

    I’ve had the 3.2 since I bought it in January, so is that the update or am I still waiting on an update?

  • Darryl Pajot

    I received it yesterday and NOW the Google TV Remote app works great with VOICE interactions !!

  • rjb45

    I haven’t gone through all the apps but PIP which I always use has gotten more efficient by eliminating a click & pop up menu. Now when you hover the pointer over a PIP screen, you can do what you previously needed the pop up menu for.

  • Toula

    Google chrome asks for pin help

  • Jeff Mirabile

    Worst technology purchase I’ve made in years. Too expensive and no support from Sony. Tried resetting the device multiple times with no update and it still crashes. Doesn’t load Google Play page and other problems.