Sony Bravia Smart Stick to be unveiled Sept. 22

Sony Bravia Smart Stick to be unveiled this Sunday – compatible only with Bravia TVs?


Sony’s upcoming Google TV is an interesting device. Featuring Google TV’s software along with Chromecast’s portability, it becomes a completely new monster. The unit already showed us all its stuff while passing through the FCC, but it seems Sony is about ready to let it all out. Sony has unveiled the device and is promising an official announcement this Sunday, Sept. 22.

What is the Sony Bravia Smart Stick?

The device goes by the name of Sony Bravia Smart Stick. It seems like a simplified Google TV… or a glorified Chromecast. The software and hardware don’t seem to match full Google TV devices, but it does offer more functionality than the Chromecast. It is officially a Google TV, though, so it should get all the features Chromecast has.

The Bravia Smart Stick also comes with the same Sony remote we have grown to love. In a way, it mixes Google TV with Bravia’s smart TV platform – and here is where things get a bit confusing.


Will it only work with Sony TV’s?

Sony has been really weird about wording what this device is. Sony states that this “accessory” is meant for their 2013 Bravia TV lineup, turning their latest televisions into “PhD-level smart TVs”. But does this mean that the Smart Stick won’t work with non-Sony TVs?

We are not sure if Sony doesn’t want to directly say the device is incompatible with other TVs, or if they simply want to promote their own HDTVs. Maybe users will be able to get the “full experience” only by using a 2013 Bravia TV?

Here is where the device is different: it mixes Google TV with Bravia’s smart TV by taking advantage of both platforms’ apps. If one platform doesn’t support a service, the other might. Odds are Bravia apps will only be available for Bravia TVs.

We are not sure yet, though. Who knows, maybe this is a Sony-only accessory, which would be really sad. Keep an eye open this Sunday! We should hear more details by then.


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