Social GTV for Google TV app review

Social GTV for Google TV app review

Technology continues to evolve, but it seems the way we watch TV is only now starting to really revolutionize. Yes, our TVs may be bigger, thinner, lighter and have much higher definitions, but ultimately it all works the same. You turn the TV on and switch through channels. With Google TV, the ability to really change the experience is there, and Social GTV is one of the first to really make watching TV a social experience.

With Twitter as its backbone, Social GTV allows you to see what the world is talking about without being interrupted from your favorite TV shows. You can filter tweets by keywords, hashtags or user names, meaning one can see tweets related to The Walking Dead (or any show… or even any topic) as the show is playing.

The tweets simply appear in your screen. You can select the placement and size of your tweets, see how often they appear, modify how long they appear and even change the font. My only issue is that this app leaves you a bit disconnected… even though it connects you to the world.


What exactly does this mean? Well, one can not log in or post any tweets. For that, you must use another device or app. We have been waiting for said feature to come to Social GTV, but we are still out of luck. Other than that, though, I have no other complaints.

The app works great and makes watching shows a much more entertaining experience. Whether you are laughing at the funny tweets about Maury or reading the best critics during the State of the Union Address, it will serve its purpose.

Google Play Store Link: Social GTV for Google TV