Sign up for M-GO and get $0.99 movie rentals for 30 days

Sign up for M-GO and get $0.99 movie rentals for 30 days

With so many movie rental and subscription services out there, it’s hard to find a reason to move to yet another one. Sadly, popularity can be more convenient than quality to many users, and M-GO is a great example of a great under-appreciated movie rental app for Google TV. If you haven’t checked it out yet, maybe their new promotion will entice you to do so!


M-GO is offering $0.99 SD and $1.99 HD movie rentals for new subscribers (accounts created between 2/18/2013 and 4/30/2013). The offer stands for 30 days after you sign up, after which prices will go back to normal. Users will have to use the promo code “MGOSD” for SD rentals and the code “MGOHD” for HD rentals.

Of course, not every Google TV device has M-GO, but the most popular ones do. Here is the list of compatible devices:

Devices compatible with M-GO

  • Hisense Pulse
  • Netgear NeoTV Prime
  • VIZIO Co-star
  • All Sony Google TV devices

M-GO has a great selection – almost as good as the Google Play Store. For as low as $0.99 per movie rental, there is nothing to lose. Go check it out at their official site! For those who have been using M-GO, would you recommend it to new users?

[Source: M-GO]