Send videos to your Google TV directly from Android YouTube app

Send videos to your Google TV directly from Android YouTube app

Google Play has pushed a very nifty update for YouTube today. Both the Google TV and Android YouTube apps are being improved with a feature that will make your video experience just a bit better. One can now send videos directly from the Android YouTube app to Google TV and play seamlessly watch them on the larger screen.

This has been possible in the past, but the experience lacked the integration that is now being offered. One way was by pressing the share button and sending it to the Google TV Remote app, which would require the second app, as well as some extra time and effort. The second way was to add YouTube TV manually, which works almost as well.

What makes this update better is that the TV and smartphone will be paired automatically if logged into the same WiFi network. Users will then be able to simply press a button located right above the video and the stream will automatically be sent to their Google TV. Pretty neat, right?!

I already got the Google TV YouTube update, but for some reason there is no update available for my smartphone and tablet yet. We assume it will be pushed out a little later, though, as Google just announced this update today. Hopefully we can all enjoy it soon! If for some reason you already got the update, let us know how it works.

[Source: Official Google Blog]