Review: iFood.TV apps for Google TV [VIDEO]

Review: iFood.TV apps for Google TV [VIDEO]

Need more food apps? How about another one! This week we have iFood.TV, which is a network of recipe apps for every palate. Today we are checking out iFood.TV for Google TV, Indian Food for Google TV and Healthy Food for Google TV.

These all have the same UI and experience, but there are some obvious background differences. For one, the main app plays videos natively, while the others redirect you to the website. Also, two of the apps have a bug that makes the category boxes in the top go crazy. It’s hard to explain, but you can see the problem in the video.

What I do love about these apps is that they are simple (when they work). You have your sections and categories, a search function and your recipe images/titles. These recipes send you directly to a video that explains the cooking procedure. These are professional TV-quality videos, so you won’t be struggling with low-quality content.

Check out the video above and let us know if iFood.TV’s content is worth using their buggy apps!

Download the apps: