Redux for Google TV app review [VIDEO]

Redux for Google TV app review [VIDEO]

If any app will give you complete freedom to break away from cable/air television, it is this one. Redux brings a new approach on internet TV, only featuring the very best content across the web. This video streaming app has won the hearts of many Google TV users like ourselves, and for very obvious reasons. It has lived in my Google TV since day 1, and it is hands-down my favorite streaming service for the platform.

It may seem like I am overly praising this app. In fact, you should be asking yourself what exactly makes it so great… or if this is a sponsored post (it’s not). The most important factor is, of course, content. This service offers videos from all major categories. Whether you want to watch comedy, documentaries or tech reviews, the guys at Redux will cater to you (they even stream news). I have found some of the most interesting videos in this app and that is no mere coincidence. Redux is ran by a group of curators and editors who scout and hand-pick for the very best video in the web.

“Our family of curators regularly features the best available content from a variety of sources and subjects, including MotorTrend, Crackle, NBC, ABC, Bravo, Fox, FX, ESPN, The History Channel, CNBC, HBO, Showtime, Hulu, CBS, CNET, Animal Planet, YouTube, Vimeo, and IMDB. We’ve even got rare blooper footage from baseball, basketball, football, poker, and international games, plus a host of other content you won’t see on Comcast, Flixster, iTunes, DirecTV, YouTube, or even Classy Fireplace.”

The app itself can be a bit confusing at first. Some features are hidden and a bit harder to find than one would hope, but it should take less than an hour of playing around to get to know the interface better. In a way, this is because of Redux’ approach – they want it to look and feel like a traditional TV.

You can move from video to video (within the category) by pressing the left and right directional buttons, while switching categories can be done by pressing up and down. One can even pick one’s favorite categories and have those be the ones to switch between, hiding the unwanted ones. Pressing the “ok” button during playback will pull out a menu with a series of options. One can share, turn HD on/off and browse through the non-favorite categories.

In a sense, I don’t feel like this is similar to a TV interface – but that is not exactly bad. The fact is it isn’t a traditional TV. With that in mind, I believe the interface could become more intuitive and clean if the Redux team steps away from that original mentality. Of course, his is mostly a matter of preference, and the awesome content more than makes up for any UI faults.

Some of us would say Redux is even better than TV, due to the fact all content is carefully curated. Because of it’s online nature, though, it can’t replace your traditional entertainment set-up by itself. You will need another service for your movie and TV show streaming (Netflix, Hulu, etc.), and YouTube for other random videos that don’t make it to Redux. Get them working together and many can officially say goodbye to expensive cable services.

Go get the Redux app by going to the Play Store and downloading it to your Google TV. And yes, it is completely free! It is also available for other smart TV platforms and the web, so if you haven’t jumped into the Google TV bandwagon yet you can still join us in the fun. We really recommend this one. It is almsot a must for any Google TV owner, so at least give it a try!