Redbox Instant for Google TV

Redbox Instant now available for Google TV


Redbox is, without a doubt, one of the most popular movie rental companies in the US. It was only recently that Redbox teamed up with Verizon to create Redbox Instant for streaming video. The subscription service may not be strong enough to be worth the $8 it costs a month, but paired with Redbox benefits it could be the ideal movie renting solution. If you have been holding off because of the lack of Google TV support, though, you will be glad to know Google TV fans can now take full advantage of it.

redbox-instant-1The Redbox Instant app recently became available for Google TV, even if not for every device out there. We are not sure exactly which devices are compatible, but we know it works with the Sony NSZ-GS7 and the VIZIO Co-Star. Sadly, we are not able to install it on the ASUS CUBE from the Play Store. If you haven’t yet, it might be worth heading to the Google Play Store to try to download it to your device.

Redbox Instant’s movie selection isn’t bad, while it is not as good as other services. The company has a very important card on its deck, though. The subscription fee includes 4 free DVD rentals from any Redbox location (there is probably one within a few block radius of your home… if not multiple). If you have used Redbox before, you will know they get movies as soon as they are released on Bluray or DVD, so you won’t miss out on the hottest movies around.

You can sign up and try out Redbox Instant for free for 30 days by going to the official website. I haven’t used my trial yet, so the right time to check it out would be about now. Will you be using Redbox Instant with your Google TV? Of course, I will come back and give you guys a fun review. Just in case you are still not sure about it.

Download the Redbox Instant app for Google TV


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  • Joe Fedewa

    Have you used Redbox Instant?

    • Edgar Cervantes

      A bit, yeah. It’s alright. Good selection, though not as good as wide as Netflix.