Red Karaoke for Google TV app review

Red Karaoke for Google TV app review

Some things a mobile app simply can’t accomplish. This is why we need the power of Google TV, a platform that can transform your living room into much more than a media/movie environment. Red Karaoke is one of those apps that come to replace expensive equipment, but in a much more convenient and internet-powered package.

The popular karaoke app is not much more than what it seems, but it is so much more than what the general consumer is used to. Gone are the days of having to pay hundreds of dollars for a karaoke player, or having to purchase karaoke CDs to use with said device. Red Karaoke offers a library of over 45,000 songs, which keeps expanding as time progresses.

This library is no lackluster, by the way. Songs in many languages and styles are available, featuring even some of the most unrecognized musicians (as long as they are somewhat popular). You can see some examples in the video above.

I also love the fact that one can record with a smartphone or tablet (video and voice). Sadly, this feature is not available for Google TV yet. Google TVs don’t have cameras and very few have microphones. You can access your recordings and watch them on your Google TV, though – as well as recordings from thousands of users. Think of it as the social network of karaoke. People share their recordings, get comments and even create a fan base.

All of this is not exactly free, just like everything else in this world. Some songs are free, but users must pay a daily ($2.99), monthly ($6.99) or yearly fee ($39.99) to access the complete library. Paying this fee grants users access to the web version and mobile apps, further sweetening the deal.

I must say I am a big fan of this app. You will be too, if you like karaoke. It gets the job done nicely and there is very little to complain about. There is some lag at times, when scrolling through songs, but everything else works rather smoothly. Check out the video for more details and let us know what you think! Will you be rocking to Red Karaoke at your next party? Do you have a better option?

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