PlayStation consoles getting cloud gaming on 2014

PlayStation consoles getting Gaikai cloud gaming on 2014 – Google TV to follow?


Sony has announced that PlayStation consoles will be able to stream PS3 games starting next year. PS3, PS4 and PS Vita devices will all be able to take advantage of Gaikai’s cloud gaming, making Sony the first large console manufacturer to make such move.

Sony_NSZ-GS7_Google_TV_Set-top-boxYou may be asking why exactly this matters to us Google TV fans. Well, it actually matters a lot. Sony mentioned at its PlayStation 4 announcement that they were considering bringing their future cloud gaming services to other devices.

Compatible gadgets would include smartphones, tablets and even TVs. Even if this were to be a Sony exclusive service, we must keep in mind Sony is one of the most important Google TV manufacturers.

I am a huge believer of cloud gaming. A good internet connection can allow you to play any game (no matter how powerful) from a low-specced device. This can make consoles cheaper and gaming more accessible. If your device can play a Netflix movie, it can play a console-quality game in the cloud.

Sony did mention they are not making any promises, but the fact that they are considering the idea is very exciting. Services like Onlive and Gaikai haven’t been very successful on their own. They didn’t have the support from a console maker like Sony, which also caused it to lack good game developer partnerships.

A cloud gaming service backed by a name like Sony will definitely gain momentum and we can’t wait to see if/when it will reach Google TV. Believe me, I would be the first to jump on board. What about you?



  • Joe Fedewa

    That would be crazy cool.