Panic Flight for Google TV game review [VIDEO]

Panic Flight for Google TV game review [VIDEO]

Fellow Google TV users can attest to the fact we need more Google TV games. These are definitely lacking, and the few around are not the most advanced. We are hoping better-specced devices will come to market soon, which would entice more developers to optimize their games for the larger screen. Until then, there is a small selection of games you might want to check out. Today we will be focusing on one of my favorites – Panic Flight.

The game is really quite simple. You have a commercial plane under control and your goal is to get from one city to another. The only problem is the clouds, which diminish your health points. You must avoid them while also collecting money, fuel and other upgrades along the way.

Controlling the airplane can get a bit complicated at times. One can’t really stop or slow down (or speed up), leaving only the option to plan ahead and quickly react to what may be bad situations. In a way it reminds me of Dragon Fly!. Not only because of the similar game style, but the graphics look very closely related.

Of course, extra upgrades are available, as well as maps. These must be purchased either with free coins (which you pick up while playing) and dollar bills. The latter is that premium currency most games use for the better upgrades and content. You usually get much less of it for free and have to pay for it if you want to advance more in the game. This might be worth it if you end up liking the game, but one can fully enjoy it for free, as well.

I have fun with it. It definitely takes practice to get better at it, but it is a good casual game to play on my Google TV (especially with inebriated friends). Give it a spin! You can get it for free straight from the Google Play Store. Also, we would all be interested to see what games you guys like. Tell us your favorite games in the comments and we will add them to the review list!

Google Play Store: Panic Flight for Google TV


  • Brian202020

    This app is available on my 24 inch Google TV at the office, but it is not available to the three Vizio Co-Stars I have at home. Does anyone have the apk so I can try to side load it on my Co-Stars?