OUYA vs. Google TV

OUYA now available, will you leave Google TV for the Android console?


Many Google TV competitors are rising and one of the biggest ones has been released today – OUYA. It’s not a direct replacement to a smart TV, but depending on your needs it can be a good chord-cutter device with awesome gaming capabilities. It does support apps like XBMC, the popular media player and online streaming device, so it is not completely out of our field.

The OUYA proved to be amazingly popular during its Kickstarter campaign and it seems to be just as successful today. Amazon has sold out on the Android console on its release date. The last time something like this happened with a Google TV device was with the VIZIO Co-Star, which was considered to be amazingly affordable then.

It is important to note OUYA will also feature very fun games, something Google TV still lacks. Those who want the full smart TV experience will stick with platforms like Google TV; but if you had to choose between OUYA and a Google TV, which one would you get? Are you buying one of these? Will you use both Google TV and an OUYA console? Will you just dump Google TV?

Some of you may feel enticed to move away from Google’s smart TV platforms due to the lack of support, but is OUYA really the answer? Let us know what you think! I still believe OUYA would have been better off as a Google TV device (they could have brought many partners to the platform), but we will have to see how it all develops.


  • http://twitter.com/gamercore Chris Chavez

    I mean, it’s kinda like a Roku or Google TV (without Google Play).

    A lot of apps you can just side load onto it and BOOM. The most powerful Google TV box available (even if the Tegra 3 is super old).

    I got one and put it in my cousins room. Now she can play games and/or watch her favorite shows :P