Next Google TV update to bring more features for controlling YouTube with Android devices

Next Google TV update to bring more features for controlling YouTube with Android devices

Google TV news has been a bit extreme lately. Some great products like the Vizio Co-Star and the Sony Google TV box have been making headlines, but we have also been feeling a bit abandoned by the Search Giant. It comes as a spark of hope to learn that Google has been working on an update, bringing more features to allow users to control YouTube videos via Android smartphones and tablets.

This feature is said to be much like Apple’s Airplay, except users will not be streaming content directly from their Android devices. Instead, one would be able to start a video on a phone/tablet and then have it play in the larger screen with “the tap of a finger.”

In theory, it just seems like an extra way to control the interface. We are already able to use our Android devices as remotes, this would only make the experience much more interactive. This seems to be Google’s purpose, though. Google TV’s VP of Product Management, Mario Queiroz, mentions that this was accomplished by taking ideas from the Nexus Q and current YouTube remote.

It would make more sense to bring something new to the table. Something along the lines of Xbox’s Smartglass would really change the game. The user would utilize the tablet (or smartphone) screen as an extension of the TV. SmartGlass displays information about playing scenes, for example. This includes battlefield maps, cast commentary and other content.

Additionally, Google has added a new section displaying new releases. Customers will be able to access the best and most recent movies and TV shows easily. But if you ask me, this is something that should have been implemented long ago.

Regardless, it is great to see the team working on improving Google TV. Let’s hope all our devices get the update soon. Until then, let’s sit tight and hit the comments to let us know how you think Google could further improve this update.

[Via: Engadget]