New Sony Google TV box shown off at Palo Alto, CA event

New Sony Google TV box shown off at Palo Alto, CA event

Sony was the first TV maker to trust Google TV. And while it seems like the Japanese manufacturer seems to be a bit absent in Google TV news lately, they have just made an epic return to the market. A new Sony Google TV box has been shown off at a Sony / Google TV meetup in Palo Alto, CA.

Not much is known about the specs and details of the device, and we were only able to see non-working units. We were able to see what the new system looks like, though. The box itself is a simple black, shiny device. What is much more exciting (at least for now) is the new remote.

We have grown to love Sony’s current Google TV remote, so we can see your opinions being very polarized. Some will love it, some will hate it. It definitely looks sleek and functional, though. The remote is a black dual-sided slab with a keyboard on one side and a track pad and other function buttons in the other.

Sony is promising a summer release for this product, so it might be worth the wait if you are a fan of Sony’s Google TV products. We now have a plethora of players in the market, though, so we are wondering how Sony will play its cards. Now that the company no longer has exclusivity over the OS, things could get a little rough.

Will Sony keep its prices lower? Will its products simply be better? What do you think? Check out the video below for more details, and don’t forget to hit the comments section with all your opinions.

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