Motorola Acquires SetJam; Could GTV Integration Be in the Cards?

Motorola Acquires SetJam; Could GTV Integration Be in the Cards?

Despite being in the middle of being acquired by Google, the acquisition hasn’t stopped Motorola Mobility from acquiring new properties of its own. SetJam is now a Motorola property and with it we’ll likely see tight integration into the Google TV interface as Motorola is enveloped by Google.

Ryan Janssen, the CEO of SetJam, seemed particularly pleased with the acquisition in his announcement.

Motorola and SetJam share the vision of making content delivery, discovery, and consumption seamless across any screen, and as a world leader in video technology, Motorola will provide us with unprecedented levels of reach and distribution.

Undoubtedly, the “unprecedented levels of reach and distribution” alluded to in the email are veiled thoughts about the scope of Google once Motorola and all of its properties are acquired. So how will SetJam affect GoogleTV if the two are integrated? For one, a better understanding of everything that is available to watch will make GoogleTV much easier to use. SetJam helps people find programs they want to watch on services like Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon.

So what do you think? Will Google incorporate SetJam into it’s GoogleTV service? It seems like a likely move and one that may have influenced Motorola snapping the service up before its acquisition by Google is complete.

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