Microsoft killing MSN TV on Sep. 30th

Microsoft killing MSN TV (took them long enough)

Google TV may be gaining competitors left and right, but some are also dying. MSN TV is the very first smart TV, as we know them. It had a long, joyful life, but it had trouble staying relevant, so Microsoft is killing it on September 30, 2013.

MSN TV was a powerful system during its time. Acquired by Microsoft in 1997, the service was then known as WebTV. It promised to blur the line between web and TV, bringing all the benefits of the internet to your living room.


The system consisted of a set-top box, a controller and a remote, making it relatively similar to our beloved Google TVs. Of course, as smart TVs evolved the platform began to lose power. The team dismantled and most were sent to work in the Xbox team, which makes a lot of sense.

The killing of MSN TV is very close to the Xbox One’s launch. Could it be that MSN TV team meant for the Xbox One to become a much more powerful and popular tv solution? One that would, in fact, take over millions of living rooms across the world?

It makes perfect sense and it makes us wonder what will happen to Google TV. Our favorite smart TV platform is in a similar situation. Competitors are catching up and Google TV is not getting the support it needs to stay strong. Will Google TV eventually die? If so, will it be reborn into something else?

You can go ahead and learn all the details about the service’s closure at Microsoft’s FAQ page. Just in case you are still using MSN TV.


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