LP33 and EpixHD Land A Spot in Google TV Spotlight

LP33 and EpixHD Land A Spot in Google TV Spotlight

Today Google TV Developers tweeted the launching of two new sites in Google TV Spotlight.  Progress is good and progress is happening – so this writer is smiling. I just went to check them out and I’m pretty pleased. We have a music video streaming site geared toward brining you undiscovered works and interviews, and a movie streaming site who is partnered with some big names to bring you Hollywood classics as well as new releases in a somewhat new way.

LP33 was the first one I checked out and I must admit, I love it. I love music and I love to find new stuff rather than the tired old songs being played out on the radio or in my CD player.  Seeings how I’m not in front of my Revue box I looked online first, but hey – that works!

The song playing by default on the home page today is fun and sucks you right in. I didn’t mind looking all up and down the front page to check everything out, because I was doing so to some groovy tunes with some fun looking people bouncing around in the video.  For the record, (hahaha) it was Telonius, Now. I would have given them five stars when I clicked to vote, but unfortunately had to deduct ..five… because I couldn’t sign in with my Google account to vote. Either Facebook, or create a new account. Boo to that. Boo.

Nonetheless I really like it and can’t wait to check it out on the big screen. Looks like I’ll be creating playlists, as well as just checking out what is put up in front of me!

As for EpixHD –  it looks pretty nice. I don’t imagine it replacing my Netflix app if just because I’m content with what I have, but it does look cool. With partners like Paramount, LionsGate, MGM, and cable providers all over – it’s hard to imagine it going wrong.

I’m seeing some great titles (Kick Ass) and by the looks of it I could stream that to my TV through Google TV or even as a VOD channel on my Dish box, or just watch on the computer. Some of the extras look cool and I really like how it tells you the next batch of movies coming and and gives you a countdown.

Anyway. If any of you check these out and form an opinion you’d like to share, post a comment and let us know what you think!

Update: Checked it out on GTV and the only real impression I was left with was – why can’t I do a simple search!?

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