Logitech Revue having issues with Google Play Store

Logitech Revue having issues with Google Play Store

Our fellow Logitech Revue users have been running into a few issues when trying to access the Google Play Store. Reports state that the Play Store is simply not working and it is advising that users run a system update to fix the problem. The only discrepancy is no updates show up when trying to push them from the settings, at least for most.

Updates apparently have been showing up for some, but these are coming in at a very slow pace. Stay calm, you should be prompted to update your device and be able to enjoy the Google Play Store again. Hopefully this happens soon, but in the meantime there are some workarounds you can try if you need to get an app.

Logitech Revue users can still side load applications. This is an inconvenient procedure, but it works. If you want something a bit simpler, though, the guys at RootzWiki have found a better solution. The Google Play Store seems to work when accessed via Chrome. You can simply bookmark it and create a shortcut for easy access. The only downside is users will not be able to update current apps, only download new ones. But we suppose you could also try uninstalling them and installing them again, if you really need that update.

Let us know how these helpful tips are working for you! Did you get your update yet? If not, stay strong, friends!

  • Derek Humfleet

    What in the sam hell is goin on wit mah googlin TV??? I reckon someone dun scroowed duh pooch. Sure would preciate takin care oh mah applications if it suits ya. I dun hit that there update button but she dont wanna update.

  • https://plus.google.com/117125023630262605212 Kelly

    one of my revues got updated to 3.2, but still getting that message when trying to access the play store …

    I ended up copying a backup of the play store from one of my other devices and it runs great – I actually like the phone/tablet version better than the google tv version anyway so it worked out

  • Marc Fathauer

    Still no update here from old 11/2011 3.1 build. System Update Information shows blue-rimmed button which is clickable but no actual download occurs. Called Logitech support. They will “get back to me” as they are hearing a lot of complaints.