Logitech Revue gets its Android 3.2 update

Logitech Revue gets its Android 3.2 update

Sony Google TV products have just received their Android 3.2 update. More specifically, Google TV v2.1.1. We know Logitech Revue users have been worried, as the manufacturer is no longer supporting it. Gladly, though, Google TV Developers did mention that they announce more news about the Logitech update at some point – We jsut didn’t know it would be this fast.

Logitech Revues are now getting their Android 3.2 update, and it comes with a great flurry of improvements. Definitely more than we expected.

This are some of the features of the new update:

  • Fix for 1-way keyboard controller pairing failures
  • Fix for locking/freezing at EULA screen.
  • New Logitech Help Assistant application.
  • Fix for links within the Logitech legal documents not able to be navigated via Directional pad on the keyboard controller.
  • Fix for Picture-In-picture not resuming audio, when back from Pandora.
  • Fix for Wrong error message when Price/Quality produce no matches in TV&Moves.
  • Netflix application update.
  • Fix for Netflix – application crash with ERROR_SIGSEGV – GDL_ERR_NO_MEMORY
  • Fix for Netflix – unable to play Netflix content after update
  • Fix for Netflix – application exits unexpectedly: EXITED_SIGSEGV – max retries on ISS.mem file
  • Fix for Netflix – user receives an error saying that their account has been deactivated when no deactivation operation has been performed
  • Fix for Netflix ‘Are you a Netflix Member’ sign out error.
  • Fix for cursor is missing in the search field.

So time to turn that Revue on and check for your update! Netflix will be much better this time around. Along with the other improved features.

[Source: Logitech]


  • Scott Nezos

    Got my update last night. Seems to run a lot smoother and faster. I could be crazy. Would love to see a hulu option.

  • ben worley

    got mine alote faster

  • Starblight Validus

    how about adding a the ability to play movies form a network source.

  • David Gray

    Still the BEST $150 I’ve ever spent! I haven’t updated mine yet cause I don’t have internet BUT believe it or not I can run my GTV streaming, for FREE, when I flip my Galaxy Nexus into a hotspot(love you t-mobile!). Just gotta be careful because 5GB of high speed HSPA+ goes fast when using my GTV and you know I can’t go back to using a smartphone on 2G/Edge speeds, it’s really f’n slow. But whatever, if my GTV worked well using my hotspot before maybe it will work even better or use less data now with the 3.2 update. I’m so excited!!!!

  • NightAngel79

    Ugh… my market was broke.. finally updated to the ‘Play Store’ and now I can’t get the market to open :(

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