LG to purchase webOS to use with its smart TVs, future of Google TV uncertain

LG to purchase webOS to use with its smart TVs, future of Google TV uncertain

Since the death of webOS, it has been uncertain where HP’s smartphone operating system will end up. Rumors of multiple companies purchasing it have been spreading, but we now have a definitive answer to this dilemma. It turns out LG will be acquiring the software for an undisclosed amount, and they will be using it for their smart TVs.


Of course, this raises a huge concern for all Google TV fans. LG has been one of the biggest Google TV manufacturers and the last thing we need is one fewer supporter (a major one, at that). It is still unclear whether LG will be dumping Google TV for its own webOS smart TV platform, though.

There is a very high chance the Korean manufacturer is simply trying to keep its TV portfolio diverse. All manufacturers, including LG, already have their own smart TV ecosystems. Many still support the Android-based platform, and this might continue to be the case for the near future. For now, though, we can only assume.

Under this deal, the Korean manufacturer will acquire “the operating software’s source code, associated documentation, engineering talent, various associated websites, and licenses under HP’s intellectual property including patents covering fundamental operating system and user interface technology.” Meanwhile, HP will keep patents and technology relating to webOS’ cloud services.

Let’s just hope Google TV continues to grow as it has been in 2012. Without these manufacturers keeping Google TV alive, the platform would have probably died by now.

[Source: Reuters Via: Phandroid]

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