LG G TV could signal new wave of Google TV devices

LG G TV could signal new wave of Google TV devices

Things have been fairly quiet on the Google TV front as of late. While Google and Android continue to blaze trails with new tech in new industries – most recently with Google Glass, Google Chromecast, and Galaxy Gear – the TV side of things has yet to pick up steam and momentum. But could a rejuvenated GTV plan be on the horizon?

If LG’s most recent trademark filings are any indication, we may see a resurgence of new Google TV products soon. The company just filed for trademarks on “LG G TV” and “LG Perfect Picture”.


Its hard to dispute that an “LG G TV” patent would be for their next generation of Google TV devices. LG already calls this line of products “LG Smart TV with Google TV” so perhaps they want to stake claim to the most obvious of Google TV “brand” names: “G TV”.

The Droid line was able to do this (at least temporarily) for Verizon while “Galaxy” and the single letter “S” has become Samsung’s go to branding. Could LG’s claim to the G TV name mean marketing success down the road?

We also don’t know how long it will take this seed to sprout, if it sprouts at all. Trademark filings are often filed for protective purposes so the LG G TV name doesn’t necessarily mean a new LG Google TV is imminent. But we’re hopeful that the holiday season might include some Google TV goodies before it’s all said and done. At the very least, we would speculate that new Google TV announcements in the next 6 months are likely.

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Meanwhile, the “LG Perfect Picture” trademark could apply to virtually anything. Could it be technology for LG Google TV’s? Absolutely. But it could also be hardware for LG smartphones or even software for LG smartphones for capturing the best photograph when taking a picture. Or it could be a safety play.

We’re hearing a lot about wearable tech and innovative new hardware these days, but don’t be surprised if the sleeping giant – that huge television in your family room – gets up from its long slumber and starts to make a ton of noise in the form of an LG G TV. After all, we know LG is making some big moves.

And oh yeah, doesn’t the timing seems outrageously interesting considering we’ve just learned Google is in mysterious talks with the NFL with a Streaming TV service perhaps on the way?