Learn more about the ASUS CUBE

Learn more about the ASUS CUBE

The ASUS CUBE has been the star of the Google TV show this week. We uncovered the official release date, the device got a name change and went up for pre-order. Many of us are still not sure whether this will be our next Google TV, though. No reviews are up yet, but be sure they will be coming (including ours). Until then, we have Newegg’s demo and interview with ASUS. So if you want to check it out make sure to sit back and watch this video.

I personally like it a lot, though it is much bigger than the competition. Ultimately, this is not really meant to be a portable device (though it can be). I never really take my Google TV anywhere, so I don’t mind the larger size. Plus, it looks pretty darn good!

We will have an in-depth review ready for you as soon as possible, so make sure to stay tuned! For now, check out the video and let us know what you think. Are you getting one?



  • Koysor Miah

    The UI looks ugly for the Asus Qube..