Intel testing upcoming set-top box IPTV services

Intel now testing its upcoming set-top box IPTV services

intel-buildingWhile Intel continues to fight with cable companies like Time Warner Cable over online streaming, the chip manufacturer’s employees are already testing the upcoming IPTV service. Rumors state that over 2,000 Intel employees are now testing “Black Box Project” and the number will continue to grow.

As expected, said employees are not allowed to show people what this set-top box is all about. They are only allowed to use the device at home, with their family. Even if leaked, though, we would only get a slight idea of what this product is like. Sources mention that the software and services are far from what will be released to the public.

This early prototypes are meant to gather information and test the system. Order-taking, stability, quality and usage habits are just a few of the factors Intel is keeping an eye on. Intel employees will see the platform evolve out of beta and into our homes, but will that day ever come?

Intel is still wrestling with cable companies who don’t want content going to the internet. Keeping us locked to cable networks will keep their bank accounts healthy, but Intel is not giving up so easy. Rumors say Intel is willing to pay up to 75% more than cable providers for content subscriptions.

We are kind of seeing two enemies fighting. Whether one or the other wins, it means bad news to Google TV. Intel’s TV streaming services could be a huge threat to Google TV, while TWC’s restriction could indirectly hurt our streaming content too. Sadly, Google doesn’t seem to be rushing, even though they see the storm coming.

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