Improving Google TV: Pinning videos and music for offline viewing

Improving Google TV: Pinning videos and music for offline viewing

Google TV still needs to evolve and is not as polished as we wish it was, though there has been major improvement. We can say it is not the smoothest and most user-friendly just yet, so we have decided to start a series of articles pointing out Google TV’s flaws and needs. The first was related to wireless streaming, and there are many more to come.


Content is one of the most important factors in the Google TV experience, more so than with any other Android-based devices. These are living room entertainment centers – it is sad to see Google TV fall behind smartphones and tablets in areas where it should be far superior. Today’s topic for our “Improving Google TV” series is Pinning videos and music, which is currently non-existant in Google TV while Android smartphone and tablet users have been enjoying it for quite some time.

For those unfamiliar with “Pinning”, this is the way Google’s Play Music and Play Movies & TV manage downloading content for offline viewing. By pinning a song or movie in the mobile apps, one can simply go offline later and enjoy pinned content. Furthermore, it can save precious gigabytes. Simply pin your favorite content and you will never have to use your (many times) limited data while enjoying it.


We know Google TV users will rarely be without an internet connection, but this software limitation can still create some discrepancies. If you have a slower internet connection, you will know that watching HD movies is not the easiest experience on Google TV. The picture may freeze constantly, and pausing it for a while doesn’t seem to help much.

Another problem may be storage capacity, which Google TV devices don’t have much of. But Google TV units happen to support USB devices. Can’t we just use a USB flash drive or external hard drive? If we can use them to load content, we should be able to use them for saving it.

This is a question I have been asked frequently by other Google TV users. Why does Google not allow pinning Google TV content users have purchased? It simply doesn’t make sense, especially for a device that aims to be the center of entertainment in the smart living room. Get on it, Google!