Hulu Plus comes to Google TV via Cast

Google TV is finally getting Hulu Plus…. kind of


We have been begging and praying for Hulu Plus to reach Google TV for a long time, but no power on earth has was able to convince Hulu. Today we can finally say Hulu Plus has come to Google TV! Kind of… and not quite yet.

Truth is Hulu Plus is actually not coming to Google TV, but to Chromecast. The apps for Android and iOS have been updated to support the dongle. The only reason why I state it is coming to Google TV is because our favorite smart TV platform is said to get Cast with its Android 4.2 update.

Of course, no Google TV has received the update yet, so you won’t be able to enjoy Hulu Plus on your Google TV just yet. But you will be able to as soon as that update comes around!

It’s a little sad that Hulu Plus happens to be one of the very first to support Chromecast, yet it never came to Google TV. But hey, at least we are kind of getting it too.

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  • Gus70

    Unless the Hulu app detects the difference between a Chromecast device and Google TV cast host, and decide to block Google TV cast.