How to fix Able Remote’s compatibility issues with VIZIO Co-Star [VIDEO]

How to fix Able Remote’s compatibility issues with VIZIO Co-Star [VIDEO]

Using your Google TV manufacturer’s remote can be a pain. Some of these are simply not as great as we would hope they were, and that makes a huge difference in one’s experience with a smart TV. This is why I choose to use Able Remote, a great alternative to those bulky, and many times inferior, TV remotes.

In my Able Remote review I mention a specific problem this app has with the Vizio Co-Star. More specifically, an issue that any Google TV device without an IR blaster would have. Being one of them, the Vizio Co-Star can not control other devices like the cable box or TV – only the remote can. This makes it harder for the Able Remote app to control said companion devices.

There is a way to fix it, though. You can make it so the remote stays active while not in use, then the Co-Star will send Able Remote’s commands to the physical remote, which will then send the commands to the cable box, DVR or TV. The remote’s power saving mode must be turned off in order to accomplish this, so keep in mind your remote’s battery life should be compromised at least a bit.

Check out the tutorial video and let us know how this fix works for you! Have you been having issues with Able Remote not being able to control your cable box? If so, we hope you can now enjoy your fully-functional remote alternative!

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