Hisense Pulse to start getting GTV V3 update today? (Update: Confirmed)

Hisense Pulse to start getting GTV V3 update today? (Update: Confirmed)


Today is a very special day. Not only because the we might start seeing the Hisense Pulse’s GTV V3 update, but because it is the year’s official prank holiday – April Fools’ day. With that said, we should take this with a grain of salt. A Google TV community member sent an email to Hisense last week, asking about the next update to the Pulse. He finally got a response today, and here is what Hisense had to say:


Of course, there are ways to fake these images, but we feel it is important to at least give you guys a heads-up. We have been expecting the Hisense Pulse to get its GTV V3 update, so if the device is getting an update soon it should be more than just bug fixes and performance improvements.


Let’s hope this one is not just a simple prank. Hisense Pulse remotes come equipped with an (inactive) microphone. This mic should be enabled with the GTV V3 update, which means users should be able to take full advantage of Voice Search.

Please check from time to time to see if this is true. If any of you get the update, please share your experiences and photos/screenshots in the comments! What do you guys say, is this for real or is it just a quick joke?

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Hisense has gone ahead and confirmed the update. It was no April Fools’ joke, guys! Some of you have already started getting the update, so please go ahead and tell us what you think of it in the comments!

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